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Five Benefits of Restaurant Personalization Technology -- Improving Customer Experience (CX)

Personalization in restaurants is about using a deep understanding your guests to give them an individual customer experience.

First generation personalization platforms helped restaurant staff make recommendations based on simple things like time of day or weather, for example, if it was cold and rainy, the system might recommend soup. If it was hot and steamy, it might recommend a smoothie. While this is helpful, it’s more optimizing the menu than personalizing it.

At THE.FIT, we’re working hard to bring the “person” to personalization (click here to learn more), starting with solving the needs of over 100 million health-conscious Americans that are watching what they eat or have food allergies.

Five benefits of personalization technology and the improved customer experience it provides:

Improve Guest Loyalty

By personalizing your restaurant menu and ordering experience to the individual needs of your guests, they’ll feel better understood and better served by your brand than by your competitors.

Larger Ticket Sizes

Recommending ice cream when it’s hot or soup when it’s cold makes sense, and at THE.FIT, we support these menu optimization techniques. But offering an avocado upsell to someone following the Keto diet, or an upsell to a bed of spinach instead of a bun for someone that doesn’t eat Gluten requires a deeper understanding of their real preferences. Our Personalization AI has been trained to understand dietary preferences and food allergies, and our recommendations are optimized to delight your guests while increasing your average ticket sizes.

Improved Margins

Similar to larger ticket sizes, our Personalization AI is trained to generate menus and recommendations for your guests that truly meet their dietary needs, but we also understand that you’re running a business. Given two possible recommendations, we’ll make the one that provides higher margin. For example, if we could suggest a “bunless” burger, with no additional charge, or a “bed of spinach” burger for a small but high-margin upcharge, our AI would recommend the option that provides the best financial results for your restaurant.

Reduced Staffing Costs

As wages continue to rise across the country and industry, reducing the demands on your staff is a growing concern. Training your staff on dietary requirements and ingredients is time consuming and expensive, and something you won’t need to do if you’re using THE.FIT. But the real staffing cost savings come from the time your staff will save from not having to answer guest questions about diet, allergens, ingredients, and possible substitutions. Your staff can simply point the guest to the menu personalization system.

Serve More Guests & Turn More Tables

You’ve implemented THE.FIT and you’re using our Personalization AI to improve guest loyalty, generate larger average ticket sizes, with improved margins, and with less demands on your staff. A trickle-down benefit of personalization is that you’re able to serve more guests per hour, or per shift. For QSR operations, guests won’t be holding up the line staring at the menu board or asking questions of your staff, and you’ll move more guests through the line per hour. In an FSR model, health conscious guests or those with food allergies won’t spend 20 minutes looking at the menu and asking questions of your staff. You’ll get their orders faster, and turn more tables as a result.

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