THE.FIT - Restaurant Menu Personalization Platform

Getting Started With Restaurant Menu Personalization

How it Works


THE.FIT is a menu personalization engine that allows restaurants to create customized menus for each guest in just seconds. Using our proprietary Personalization AI, restaurant brands and operators can see increased ticket sizes and stronger margins while better serving their guests. Click here for a live demo.

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THE.FIT is a turnkey Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, delivered from the cloud, and requires no in-store technology or integration.

Getting started WITH THE.FIT is a simple four-step process:


THE.FIT works with a restaurant brand to select the locations where menu personalization will be rolled out. We “ingest” each restaurant location’s menu and key nutritional information into THE.FIT’s Personalization AI system. During this phase we also set up your logo and brand colors to ensure a consistent Customer Experience (CX) for your guests.


THE.FIT reports a breakdown of menu items to restaurant management, validates assumptions made about ingredients, reviews AI-generated personalized menus, and calibrates to maximize margin and overall ticket sizes.


THE.FIT is introduced in three to five test locations and begins generating recommendations for guests. THE.FIT team works closely with the restaurant brand and local operators to make any final revisions to the AI for the personalization system.


Once corporate management, local operators and guests are satisfied with the implementation and performance at the test locations, a rollout plan for remaining locations is developed. Restaurant brands and operators receive detailed monthly reports from THE.FIT showing usage and personalization trends of their guests, equipping them to optimize their menus and operations accordingly.  

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