THE.FIT - Restaurant Menu Personalization Platform

How THE.FIT Works

How THE.FIT Works



Restaurant guests will see branded signage while in-line, on the table, or in the printed menu with a QR code they can scan using the built-in camera app on their phone to get a personalized menu. We provide signage with your branding in multiple formats, ready to use in your locations. Our Personalization AI can also be connected directly to your brands digital Customer Experience (mobile apps, ordering kiosks, point of sale, marketplaces, etc).



Since there is no app to download, after scanning the QR code from their mobile device, the guest selects their dietary preferences, and THE.FIT generates a personalized menu for them. The system supports any combination of preferences. In this example, our guest is Gluten Free AND low carb (Keto). For a live demo, click here from a mobile device.


STEP 3: Order

The guest instantly views their personalized menu and places their personalized order. Guest preferences can be saved in the system for their next visit.


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